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Special School in Ghatkopar Mumbai


We are running government recognized Holistic Child Care Centre and Special School in Ghatkopar Mumbai. It has helped hundreds of Special Children and restored smiles on the face of their distressed parents. Our National Trust Registration Number: 60219251230049/MR/CP/AUTISM/MD  & Social Welfare Ministry Registration Number: 4/MBA/05-06/958 Dated.22/06/2005.

At Spandan, we realize that each child is unique. We work on the principle of understanding each child’s psychology and learning the mechanism of best unleashing their latent potential. In our organization approaches always integrated taking into account body, mind and soul. Our team experiments with teaching methods and techniques used all over the world to suit them to our need. Thus, we can develop the intelligence and thinking capacities of our children. Our students come from all strata of society, including the poorest and most disabled children of society.

School Functioning

M. B. Barvalia Foundation is a registered public charitable trust established in February, 1997 with the objective of promoting holistic health and value based education. This is a unique center where we all work under one roof with a holistic approach through a multi-disciplinary team of various experts:

Based on the disability and the capabilities of the children that come across during the Educational Evaluation of the child by our team of professionals, the children are divided into different batches: Sunflower, Rose, Lilly, Tulip or Lotus. We are training our children for Pratham Open School exams. Pratham is the largest NGO working toward quality education for all. In order to help the children appear for the class X exams, they conduct level A (Class 3), level B (Class 4 and 5) and level C (Class 6 and 7) as a strong foundation.

Other than academics, we teach our students pre-vocational skills in order to enable them to be independent, useful members of society.

School Head & Teachers

School Head:

  • To supervise in a fair and consistent manner, to ensure an effective discipline and attendance system with high standards consistent with the philosophy, values and mission of the school.
  • To ensure a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their behavior and creates high morale among staff and students.
  • To maintain positive, cooperative and mutually supportive relationship among staff, students and parents.
  • To ensure proper coordination and effective communication between all faculty members.
  • To conduct meetings as necessary for proper functioning of the school, and weekly meetings for the full time staff.
  • To personally engage the class to illustrate an example to teachers and parents.


Teachers are the pillars that support the school. They put in tremendous efforts to bring out the best in our children.

The children are divided into different groups depending upon their disability, and the level to which they are affected. As per the child’s needs, Spandan’s teachers have different methods that they employ to teach the children.

For instance, for the children who have learning disabilities, the teachers use play-way methods to help the children learn their course material. This way helps them retain information better. It also helps them understand important concepts, and integrate them in their academics. The teachers also carry out different types of group activities with these children. These activities are based on a child’s needs and capability. The teachers encourage and support the children’s participation in cultural events, festivals and other occasions.

Every year, the teachers assess the children and prepare an annual Individual Education Programme (IEP). Then, the year’s syllabus is divided into short term and long term goals. A check-list is then made, wherein the progress of the child is cross-checked with the goals that were initially set for him or her. The teachers also train the students to appear for external exams such as Pratham and NIOS. They are taught English, Maths, Social Sciences, Science and Environmental Studies for the exam.

The teachers are also very active in involving the children in various extracurricular activities. These activities are ultimately responsible for the overall development of the child’s mental and physical capacities.

Teaching Methodology


A very systematic, pre-decided and well defined procedure is followed. It initiated the following process, reconstructing the child’s profile. Appropriate targets are set and some of them are expected to be realized within a stipulated time.

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Celebration & Sports

At our school, wecelebrate  all festivals, events such as Independence Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day, as well as the birthdays of all children and teachers. This is done to make the children aware of the importance of these days.

For Rakshabandhan, the girls make Rakhis and tie it to the boys’ hands. In return, the boys give gifts to the girls.

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Slow Learner

School cater to slow learners who are defined as children having IQ between 70 – 80. These children suffer from varieties of perceptual difficulties as well as emotional and behavioral problems. They require holistic multidisciplinary approach for their management.

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Therapies & Counselling

Parents of special children are among those who face a major challenge. They need to deal with the child’s needs and the family’s needs. In this process, they may be unable to provide optimum care to their children. As a result, they may feel frustrated, guilty or helpless. Parents need to realize that these feelings are natural, and they also need to learn how to tackle the challenges presented to them

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Spandan Holistic Institute,

M.B.Barvalia foundation’s Holistic Childcare Centre and Special School.

Municipal School number 3, near pantnagar, police station, Ghatkopar-east, Mumbai-40075. India. E-mail id: school@spandan.co,  spandan.office@gmail.com,

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