Multidimensional Holistic Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Multidimensional Holistic Antenatal and Postnatal Care:

Motherhood is the greatest gift of God to females and pregnancy is the WONDEFRUL epoch of her life which makes her the creator of life on earth.

Spandan is always there with these women in their journey of motherhood.

Our hospital has well equipped maternity home with competent Gynecologist, Surgeon , Pediatrician with good supportive staff, our diagnostic department as well as homoeopath,  yoga therapist, Physiotherapist and Dietician co-ordinate for comprehensive antenatal and post-natal care. Whenever required our team from Department of medical Genetics also intervenes.

As name suggests, it’s a hospital where mother and children are taken care through holistic way not only during pregnancy but even after the delivery of the child.

In order to ensure total health of mother and growing fetus , we take care of following aspects:

  • Vigilant Medical monitoring of mother and fetus through out pregnancy .
  • Health and Hygiene of Mother and baby.
  • Knowledge and supervised training about breast feeding of child.
  • Sound mental health with the help of yoga, meditation and counseling.
  • Awareness about diet and importance of perfect nutrition.
  • Application of physiotherapy in antenatal and postnatal phase.
  • Skillful application of scientific homeopathy for smooth and safe delivery
  • Homoeopathy for  postnatal care of mother and infant.

Spandan implements this entire protocol with its multi-disciplinary team 

  • Gynecologist
  • Resident Medical Officers.
  • Homeopathic Doctors.
  • Psychologist
  • Paediatrician
  • Sonologist
  • Genetic Expert   
  • Physiotherapist
  • Yoga Experts.
  • Nurses
  • Volunteers


Medical Monitoring

Once a pregnant woman is enrolled in the hospital she is given regular check-up appointments by Gynecologist.

Growth monitoring &  weight monitoring of fetus is done regularly with the help of regular USG Scans. In high risk patients apart from regular triple markers, genetic Karyotyping is done. Monitoring  B.P, Blood Sugar is also done.

Our team from childcare Institute also carries out relevant assessment when there is history of special child in family. Genetic load is studied when there is special history of genetic disorders.



Health, Hygiene and Nutrition

 All mothers are oriented about importance of hygiene during pregnancy. Mothers are also educated about how to take care of baby, maintain hygiene, clean the baby etc. How mother can detect early signs of any disease in Babies.

 In ANC Workshops , mothers are taught the importance of balanced diet and its impact on child’s growth and health. Dietitians guide them in planning a menu. suitable for them individually and economically.

Even after delivery while mothers is lactating her Caloric requirement is high so they are given plan accordingly.


It’s a myth that Breastfeeding chapter starts once a baby is born. Through proper counseling about breastfeeding and breast care  a mother’s mindset is prepared and she is  trained, then breastfeeding is not at all difficult. Mothers breast check-up is done during pregnancy. They are educated about how to take care of breast during and after pregnancy,

Mental Health in Pregnancy

Mental Health in Pregnancy & application of Yoga, Meditation and Counseling:

 Most of the time mothers are not aware about changes happening in body and in hormones. Not even they seek advice from right person and suffer themselves. We conduct regular Yoga and ANC workshops where we train them on various topics like post partum depression , how to deal with it ,  how to share your problems , They are taught various yoga asanas which help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles. Yoga also helps to relax the mind, reduce anxiety and has calming down effect. If any problem , they can come and discuss freely with doctors and get guidance.

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Applicatrion of Homoeopathy in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological condition and not an illness. However, there are discomforts and imbalances leading to certain complaints which may become distressing affecting the mental and physical state of mother’s health. They need immediate attention.

Homoeopathy is holistic science and promotes immunity of individual. There are wonderful homeopathic  medicines  which can take care of moderate to severe ailments of pregnancy like morning sickness, Dyspepsia, constipation , urinary disturbances etc. There are medicines for severe disorders like Hyperemesis gravidarum , sleeplessness , emotional disturbances , depression etc . and they can be treated safely with homeopathy.

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